sweet meats for lunch!

so... i've been on the net all night and now, the sky is turning blue and in moments, the sun wi...

5things: tommy ton pt.2


the leaders! yup!

check it all here.

Mimi Youn.


movie of the day: 키친 the naked kitchen.

i remembered watching this korean movie (키친 the naked kitchen) in May. there's something about food that makes the movie. the title, t...

Tony Melendez


i love MUJI! playMUJI is a blog widget that showcases different new MUJI items daily. it's so cute i downloaded the screensaver!! HAHA. ...

guerilla day trip.

never thought i would be able to get to Melaka this year, but it happened! had that mille crepe that...

happy thing's tumblelog



[source] my handphone has been acting up lately. this however, would be a good transition piece bef...


[source] i'm constantly looking forward to this particular collaboration. it's dope innit? i...

theheyheyhey LOOKLET!

we have a looklet account now! we'll be updating thru polyvore and looklet! from time to time....

mom and daugther.

one of my favourite people in the world. the kid though, i have yet to see.

heyheyhey flower year.

so,after months of studs everything chunky and metal-y filling my every waking clothing moment. i found myself drawn to "floral" s...

flower days.

so i manage to get "the blind side" and was really happy. its a good movie. here's my ...

movie of the day: the blind side.

need to watch this.

5 things: phone pics

si nian/思念 (longing for)

[source] I pile up all my longings for you And push them into a dark room The room is just behind the kitchen Nobody will discover it Wit...

A Christmas Play.

[source] This Christmas, if you are looking for a place to go. Head over here.

album of the moment: tanya chua.

it was after i listen to Jam (蕭敬騰) cover on "Ji Nian" that i was reminded of Tanya's o...

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