review: L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Made for Me Intenses and L’Oréal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity

I got a chance to try out the latest intense color trends by L’Oréal Paris today and I really love the colors that were picked for me in the pack! :)

I've been on the "natural makeup" phase for almost a year now and to get the "magic amber" shade to try on was heaven sent.
The eye shadow has Pure Refined MicroPigments Technology that helps in giving it the intense shine that is long lasting.
It's easy to apply and the color and shimmer comes out rather bold even with the first stroke.
You can double it up as an eyebrow color by using the darkest shade to fill up your brows- just like i did. keke :)

I must say that I was a little skeptical when it came to the chosen lip shade.
I totally love the red/bold lips but it never suited me until this came along-No kidding!
Look at it! The lipstick glides like oil on my lips and the color is really INTENSE and moist!
Definitely long lasting as its really hard to wipe it away with tissue alone and even with many sips of water later, the color is still vibrant as ever.

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Made for Me Intenses is priced at RM 33.90
L’Oréal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity is priced at RM 45.90.
You can get your favourite intense shade today at all L’Oréal Paris cosmetic counters nationwide from June 2010.

I totally recommend these range to you just
because you're worth it! ;D


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