Oh Bali!

"star gazing, private villa, bali." 

She woke up with those words in mind.

She allows herself a healthy dose of living in those imaginary resorts- each a day, once a day with the occasional revisits whenever life seems to be overbearing with the lack of fantasies.

It doesn't help envying the life of another who's hands are holding wine flutes instead of takeout cups and waking up to the sound of the rushing wind instead of being held up in a rush hour.

Those arresting thoughts are put on hold while she slips back into a pool of paperwork- it's both a drive and a depression to be in a state of an unattain latitude.


She finds a seat near the window at a local eatery while the last ray of sunset seeps through her finger tips.
the waitress comes:
-what would you like to have?
--- bali.
-barley? right away.

She looks up, wondering if she should have corrected the order and then a huge sigh overtook a deep breath like an unspoken desire evaporated into thin air.
....there she sits, waits and floats back into a lustful wanderlust desire that the correct order might just come, in a moment.

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