BBQ cow intestine.

I was never a spare part fan but coming to Korea changed it all! Gopchang (usually cow intestines) is a popular delica...

Snoopy rice

The first snow of the year fell in Seoul this morning as I was making this Snoopy rice (heavily inspired by the Snoopy donuts from Krispy...

Still falling for you.

We drive pass this little gem called "Mangwonjeong" everyday to work and after a year, we finally got around to  (walking in...

The Instant Ramen Museum, Osaka!

Visiting the Instant Ramen Museum was one of the top things I wanted to do in Osaka and boy was it a morning trip worthwhile!

5 things: Morning Face Prep.

I bought 2 boxes of hair dye over the weekend and lighting my hair as best as I could (because I haven't seem to find a coloris...

The best sushi I had in Osaka!

BUTTER UNAGI!!   Melts in your mouth kind of sushi meal that will put in a 90s R&B love song trance.

K-beauty Tried and Tested.

November!! Wow, we are just 7 weeks away from Christmas! Sorry for the hiatus as it was just splendid going away for my birthday weeken...

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