5things: M.A.C Brushes

150 - Great as a powder brush. Can be used to apply finishing powder after applying foundation. Can also be used as a contouring brush. 242...

5things: Make Up

M.AC Eyeshadow in PHLOOF ! - great for highlighting the inner eye area, brow bone and blending. This color can be best described as shimmery...

5things: lunch break

Fifi Lapin Snack Sac- Lesportsac. The best mix-Morinaga hot cake. sleeping totoro bento. daily scan at scanwiches. smiley sushi.

5things: past midnight.

Read, Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto . Draw lines on a Postalco notepad. Watch animations from Studio Ghibli 's dvd box set. Borrow memorie...

5things: black coffee.

black coffee. by theheyheyhey featuring Balmain jeans

5things: playlist.

if you like korean song or don't mind having a trip around it... 1) no reply (노리플라이): click here. 2) yozoh (요조): "happy birthday&qu...

5things: clock in monday

monday morning. by theheyheyhey on Polyvore.com

5things: we heart it.

photo credits: weheartit.

5things: before sunlight.

Mixco.co.uk (t-b: viable london , joonhyun kim ) (t-b : Constantin Vortmann , pjlighthouse.com )

5things: don't dye alone.

these are 5dyes we would die for. *but pulling it off is another thing. all images: dropsnap.jp

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