album of the moment: crowd lu (盧廣仲) - 7days

So I was driving home and i heard a fimiliar voice on the radio and its' a new song from Mr.Lu Guang Zhong. I was really excited as I wa...

happy halloween 2009!

enjoy the treats and tricks!

song of the day: Why- 3T with Micheal Jackson-

why, havent i heard of this song before? nonetheless, its really nice and the movie "This Is It" made me miss MJ all over again.


(pic credit: google,honeyee) man, when i become a wife, i wanna dress up with my husband. isn't it cool to have your partner loving th...

the daily motivator- Ralph Marston

if you have twitter, you should follow @ralphmarston "Take this day and run with it. Look your problems squarely in the face and over...

meteor tees.


jars of clay- worlds apart.

"watch the world i used to know blown to dust and thrown away."

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung.

[source] Photos were taken by KAMA Studio that (looking at their portfolio) has a string of famous celeb customers. nice, very nice :D -- ...

nude legs.

natural legs. by theheyheyhey featuring American Apparel tights i bought a pair of nude leggings when i was on a holiday trip months ba...

fred for breakfast.

[source] too cute! too cute!

drama of the day: IRIS (korean)

if you are looking for a drama to watch try IRIS, its an action-romance drama that is now playing in Korea. Don't worry, its not the ty...

Kuroshio Sea- Japan

movie of the day: guess who's coming for dinner. (1967)

[source] + [source] watched this in the afternoon, its really good to be watching the classics again. i love how graceful Katherine Hepbur...

good morning, world.

[source] let's wake up to this?

butterfly MV.

finally! its out. i was loving this song when the preview went up and the only song i really like when the album came out. check it out!


so, i just got online after 2days of going out and sorting out new furnitures for my bedroom. it hasn't turn into "the" dream ...


[source] i have a thing for panda's lately. so helplessly cute and it has that lonely facade that makes you wanna take a panda home.

a soliloquy.

1:31 onwards. dope.

galaxy tees.


Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið

magical. Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið (Official Music Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo .


[source] dammmyynn. is this what you get at Paris Fashion week?!

what i ffffound today.



ever since he (G-dragon) came out with his solo debut album- i wanted to dye my hair blonde and week after week, i see more and more korean...

BUMP! BUMP! (stills.)

These two are at it again! no another ones can pull these off better. click here to view mv.

good morning.

recipe: 5-6 milk ice cubes (milk frozen in the cute ice tray) low fat milk post cereals- waffle crisp.

Chic Pop x Nike !

So, i went to the Chic Pop x Nike event on Wednesday at MidValley. Got there on the dot, registered and went in. As usual, the event didnt s...

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