me today: life is heart.

This is my best Christmas self portrait to date! So glad to be able to spend Christmas morning with my girls. Have a blessed Christmas an...

another suite day.

I'm so glad we closed the final bbq (of the year) here- up at the suite. We had korean bbq for bbq that day, a great weather and ...

song of the day: Dynamic Duo-Precious Love (feat. Jinbo)

only 2 tracks from their latest album did it for me. this is one of them. a concoction of mj's groove and pharell-ish swag. ㅋ

adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott SS12 | Behind the Scenes

it gets better, every year!! yowayowa should be in the shoot! with all the jumping shot- the callabo would be a killer! don't cha think?

4.30am call time.

I'm really excited about the work i get to do these days :) *thankful* The bonus i got yesterday was meeting our No.1 player! Nicol is...

virtual outfit: stay golden.

i'm in a necklace and (still) drop earrings, phase. it hasn't been easy finding a pair.

album of the moment: boyz ii men- Christmas Interpretations.

I grew up listening to this album for Christmas (and other months in the year). An all time recommended Christmas album and this is one of m...

virtual outfit: eleven, eight.

i've been in a mood to dress up lately, and having on natural bobby brown-ish makeup on. here's what i'll wear, if i had these ...

me today: red head.

finally! got some chemical romance before a new exciting season :D Red. not my personal favorite/choice, but i guess when 3 different peopl...

me today: learning to fly.

ever since i got to know about yowayowa , i've been jumping at every vacation pictures i took! today, my friend Nat and I t...

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