merry and bright.

my Christmas was bright and white, just like the ones i didn't know before.

Pancakes Original Story, Seoul.

Pancakes Original Story  was where I had my Christmas eve brunch this year. A girly morning with...

the only filling.

I love looking at taiyaki/fish bread/붕어빵 stalls- from the way it smells to the way the "skin" taste. As much as I lo...

Glamorous Penguin

it was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I called for an impromptu tea coffee time with some friends I just ...

winter solstice

online haul: stylenanda / 3 concept eyes

i have been doing some online shopping lately and the weather today was splendid! products are from a...

chubby snowfall

My first week at Uni has been wonderful and I really thank God for my classmates- such an awesome bunch! There's 13 of...

is it too late?

I inherited a neat stack of freshly pressed uniforms that sat silently in his closet long before we met. I took em' ...

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