picture mood today: cotton candy snow.

i'll don this outfit and walk through the snow to get some beef jerky for supper. it has been so hot lately, i can't help but wonder...

Irina Werning : BACK TO THE FUTURE

Then and Now. Love it! Glad to (also) know that this is an ongoing project :) Click to view more, here .

5items 10days : denim.

5 items, 10 days.

song of the day: Standing Egg -가슴 아픈 말

one of the saddest line i've read (so far) today, 가슴 아픈 말. and translation would just kill it.

tommy ton - LFW

personal top 10.

song of the day: sister act2 -joyful joyful

it's true that there's much joy and life when you are down with G-O-D!

virtual outfit: prada wingtip

these i want. Prada shoes, i want.

SHOP UPDATES: paint shirts.

click to shop .

short crown.

it's been six months since i last got a hair cut. well, the fringe does not count. I've been doing pretty well, in controlling the c...

the freestyle show.

my friend posted one of his "valentine" edition video on Fb -this hongkie guy is TOO funny!! check it out. this is one truth. LOL!

me today: space travelling.

empty parking lots or any open spaces in general makes me go on an auto camwhore mode. *tho this is not a camwhore picture. i had the heavie...

song of the day: Equippers Church- Always

Wayne Huira, the lead singer in this clip drops by our church once in a while to talk to our worship band. Wayne and his wife, Libby are b...

i wore: color me.

i must say, this was the easiest palette to put on. red top: hometoomuch.com

5 things: i've been using

[pic credits:google] 1) Uriage Stick lèvres- this could be the best ever lip balm in the world!! 2) Nature Republic- 40 UV Lock. If you have...


i must say that when i saw Big Bang's pictures, NIKKI FARQUHARSON came to mind. i have two illustration pictures from her tucked in my...

tweet of the day: RT


virtual outfit: tokyo to go.

[thhh polyvore] shrimp clutch bag + multi colored nails. today i wish to run away. the excuse: to clear my mind.

me today: snooze.

오 바람~

mv of the day: Seoul Witch- Walrus

product placement at its best(man)ㅋ

notepad: Isaiah 40

me today: chapter two.

i wasn't really happy with today being a public holiday, as i need ed to run errands during the day. nonetheless, time swiftly passed w...

me today: 호떡 day.

bought this box of 호떡 mix a few weeks back, and kept it for today. just cause- a sweet delicacy should make up a one sweet day . -_- it'...

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