His handiwork.

sambal deprived.

I've been craving spicy food lately and thus, generously indulging it at every given meal call! ...


i forgot how red dye would stain the towels for a couple of weeks. if only i remembered... i wouldn't be a red head now....


bought a slice of korean beef/hanwoo for the salad tonight. wasn't the most thrifty purchase but there's always som...

screw it.

do you know the feeling... of waiting for weeks for a parcel to arrive, and when it finally did- it's completely wr...

home delivery

this was lunch, delivered to my front door. what was fascinating was the table cover that came with it! how t...

diy: statement zip bag.

the first DIY this month. full tutorial here on TiC.

white angpaus

this marks my first chinese new year away from home. it also marks the first without my grandmother and grandpa around. :( nonethele...

drip coffee

a typical day trying out new cafes... spoiled for choices but almost, always... out of the way or lacking cakes.

walk in the park


home is where your heart is... and at this presence moment- i'm home . time hasn't uncover cer...

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