song of the day: Tega by Glenn Fredly

it was the song i woke up to this morning while prepping for a morning walk. nice.

Style stalker: Olsen twins

virtual outfit: dinner discussion.

it's raining now, meeting is at 7.30pm. dinner discussion by theheyheyhey featuring Repetto shoes

song of the day- love song by rain

something to look forward to in April- when the album drops.

virtual outfit: casting call.

work starts at noon. casting call. by theheyheyhey featuring Stella McCartney dresses

virtual outfit: morning run

the running starts at 6.30am morning run by theheyheyhey featuring Puma shoes

virtual outfit: supper at the upper east.

supper at the upper east. by theheyheyhey featuring Stella McCartney dresses

i wore: basic.

picture mood today: nap time.

[source] its always a joy when dacafe site is updated! this will be sunday afternoon for me after i am done with this.

song of the day: heartbreaker (gd feat flo rida)

virtual outfit: check in

neck pillow is my must have when i travel. check in. by theheyheyhey featuring Maison Martin Margiela

how to wash your makeup brushes.

i wore: sailing.

virtual outfit: trip to the printers.

trip to the printers by theheyheyhey featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

picture mood today: cute eye candy.



so. since pasta finished its run. siwon ( oh! my lady ) came to the rescue!

i wore: OL.

tweet of the day: revrunwisdom

virtual outfit: friday's brunch.

friday's brunch. by theheyheyhey featuring kate spade bags

picture mood today: red heels


chubby hubby- SPAM FRIES!

Willin Low’s Luncheon Meat Fries with Kaffir Mayo 1 can of maling luncheon meat peanut oil for deep frying 1 large egg pinch of salt pinch o...


[image:google] never heard of it before until recently when my sister brought it back from MIRI! love the "retro"-ness of it all! ...

What makes you happy?

picture mood today: bicycle.


Face to watch

Abbey Lee Kershaw photo credits:

What makes you happy?

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