sweet habit

I found a bakery cafe that I can't wait to go back, sit, have a cuppa and try more pastries!  There wasn'...

(H)ello holidays

video of the day: the pixel painter

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo . such passion.

DIY: donning dinosaur

for a second after finishing the dinosaur hair tie, I remembered that I had a hair cut. rep...

chicken soup days!

Korea has many celebrated days- like the 100days, white day, black day, pepero day and so on... I'm gonna talk write about the 삼예탕...

random furry finds

the lazy staff at the bookstore. the book worm dino at the cafe.   i love it when I stumble across huge bears/stuffed a...

throwback thursday: over a year ago.

  photographer: M I C H E L L E . L E E  hair + makeup : jessicaling

Suwon: clear skies above

A day trip to Suwon... where we played archery and took 40mins to hail a cab. previous blog on Suwon-...

Oedo Botania (pt.1)

A rich man and his wife bought an island and built a lovely garden called Oedo Botania . (p...

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