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It was my birthday yesterday and I've been occupied with dinner dates since Sunday! ^^ Ahhh~~ thank God for friendships :) Anyway, ...

Esmod KL

I was browsing thru my ex-lecturer's facebook photos and OH HOW I TRULY MISS my days in fashion school... the adrenaline rush...

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

that clutch bag looks like a SWEET I need to own!!!! ahhhh!!! 

picture mood today: scanwiches

when i'm not eating... i like to see food whether in dramas or food magazines or websites like this. [source]

me today: camera on loan.

I was in front of the camera, and after some minutes  seconds trying... i went behind the camera and continued on...t...

virtual wishlist: fred flare

                      I've been visiting FredFlare ever since I stumbled across it while gathering some designs back in my ex-company...

notepad: thoughts right now...

September ended on a sweet note, on a note of gratitude and thankfulness. As I was driving home today, I couldn't help but...

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*insert bear roar* #japanatjapan

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