faux flowers.

never would I thought that shopping in an artificial garden would bring that equal amount of satisfaction, okay not equal but almost, to...

on gyoza skins...

after i wrote about being team gyoza ... i sadly realized that gyoza is not good for freezing :( and i got to know in a painful way that ac...

mila victoria.

finally!! a makeup tutorial from melb. i've been following her since lj days! :) you should check her out!

trying to patch it up.

I decided on red again and as much as i love the shade, i was quite disappointed, that the patch (from previous black dye ) continued on be...

song of the day: I've Got A Crush On You - Laura Fygi

I got to watched Laura Fygi last night at the MPO - the big band was amazing! She's amazing! The entire set was amazing! AMAZING!

sunday shoot: arina.

photographer: michelle lee/ riiphotography hair + makeup : jessicaling more here related post.

me today: illustrated afternoon.

i seriously feel like spending money i don't have. i'm deprived from pretty new arrivals... ㅠ.ㅠ

styling: Sunway CNY.

So here's the final image I just received for Sunway Pyramid's CNY 2012 ad. Related post .

me today: pot luck club!

1. the uptown ducky. 2. the measure of a healthy freezer. 3. in this episode of "cooking with Jessica"... 4...

me today: Sunday Shoot.

It was a casual last minute get together- bouncing of emails with the subject: Sunday Shoot. I did hair and makeup and I can't wait t...

me today: coming up...

in tonguechic.com

me today: brunch + lunch.

brunch: L'table @ Lavender - 1 utama. lunch: Hokkaido Sushi - 1 utama. i'm not sure if i ordered the right food at both places ...

yell(ing) out to the mountain dews.

everyday is to me ___________

5things: my instagram.

1. the latest (reminder) quote i heard over a podcast. 2. lunch my sis made- alfafa, soba noodles, beancurd, tuna and sesame in soy sau...

virtual outfit: i love you, i love you.

...a little bird told you, about me?

me today: dumpling skin vs gyoza skin.

so i made mandu the other day and bought two different skins. -- dumpling skin vs gyoza skin. taste wise: not much difference. filling wi...


envy! i wished i had childhood pics like these!

notepad: orange thoughts.

i need some oranges. good ooooolllll orange, pants.

hubby does my makeup.

aww! this is dang cute!! way to go hubby!! and here's some cooking...

me today: happy eggs.

Breakfast, like any other meals...are meant to be shared. It was a rare treat, having a weekday breakfast scheduled with my bestie :)...

me today: pure bliss.

it was a lazy Sunday, nonetheless... it was pure bliss just knowing that His promises will come true, in His divine way and time.

me today: chignon

...in the midst of growing out my hair, I found myself fluffy do ! ^^

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