me today: good evening.

to a night that almost didn't happen- i'm SO GLAD it happened! magnificent sky+dinner+friends. everything makes sense today. :) I re...

SHOP UPDATES: new arrivals

click on link and keep checking all week for shop updates!

me today: legally Seventeen!

its' out! thank you fellow Ling! (Melly) and i'm happy to be still young enough for seventeen! haha -Oct issue 20...

me today: a room in bangkok.

8.30am bangkok time.

song of the day: Doris Day - Daydreaming

just remembered this song. so here it is!

picture mood today: umbrella + rain.

ever since i can remember being drawn to pictures and it being a form of energy... i've liked rain and umbrellas. a strong fetish that i...

DIY: kimono top.

  full tutorial  here .

these days: in random order.

1. a death on my windscreen. 2. this signboard in Kuantan is more convincing than the ones in KL. 3. the year old and only burnt lantern- ku...

that's all i know.

tonight, i'm leaving all my alarming, pathetic, selfish, vague, insane train of thoughts, at Your feet...again. God, goodnight. thank Y...

hair atm.

for lunch, i had the mirror and stared at the black roots that are growing in tacky fashion. i couldn't stand it and wanted to d...

song of the day: Grooploop - Theme of Marco and Gina (Porco Rosso)

many times in the day, i wished i was living in one of studio ghibli's animation world.

me today: cut and eat.

...and the moon resembles my heart- full. happy mid autumn festival- i love occasions like these where it forces brings everyone to gather ...

Day 5: part two.

we did a whole lot of shopping, walking and basking in the sun, the rays and warmth of friendship! tri...

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