Alice in Waterland.

[source] photog:Elena Kalis. contains 54images altogether and it made it really happy! totally in love with it! click the link and check it ...

Pantone Chips.

[source] the first time i flipped a pantone book was when i started interning at a fashion house.i am quite a pantone freak after that. and ...

5things: tweets

[source] today i'm going to RT 5tweets by @ralphmarston 1)There is only so far you can fall, but there is no limit to how high you can s...

song of the day: please don't go- CL+MINZY

i like the crazy beats at the start and how to moves into the chorus.

web comic.

[source] isn't it true? hahaha.

holiday on ice talcum powder.

[source] i dont remember using it. but i've remembered see-ing it when i was a kid and just this morning, i saw one! the good ol days. t...

ffffound some gifs.

[source] i love gifs and the joy it brings.

The Cast System

[source] incase your man ends up in a cast- you still can bet on how fine he can still look.

staple design.


S[e]OULFUL Christmas.

I remembered listening to this album last Christmas and didnt really pay any particular attention till today! I guess, time changes things a...

studded in my mind.

ever since i saw this picture at The Sartorialist , i kept thinking about it. shop here for something we at theheyheyhey cooked up.

2ne1 street.

ever since the 1st day. i LOVE 2ne1 :D


[source] i am so hungry right now.



flowers for me.

[source] i took out an old movie and watch tonight, in it there was a flower bouquet. it was really nice. nothing like the typical rose bouq...

movie of the day:hello schoolgirl

there are two things i usually crave for in the afternoon, on a Sunday afternoon. Pizza and a movie (It's either classic movies from the...

if i was... out for a date.

if i was... going out for a date today. i would be in this and he would be in those. we will have pavlova and have cinnimon buns. [Ryu Seung...

Lucite Tokki / 루싸이트 토끼

one of my favourite korean indie band :) "Lucite Rabbit". this is from their lastest album, it has a few christmas songs inside. m...

keiko lynn.

[source] i've been following keiko since her livejournal days. its was a pretty long hiatus on my side since work got the better of me a...

Dumpling Dynasty.

[source] chinese vintage tins! click here to view more from Dumpling Dynasty!

[source] i've been following this blog for as long as i could remember. i bought both of their photobook eventhough i dont read japanese...

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