snack of the moment: any time 애니 타임

[image: google] first tasted this when our korean teacher came back from korea - many years ago. popping in like pills after i got this fro...

i wore: 5 oct

i wore: 4 oct

black cardigan(hong kong) + blue polka-dot dress (thailand) + black legging (subang) + diamonte bracelet (fourskin) + brown over-sized ba...

tweet of the day: Joyce Meyer

i wore: 3 oct

white v-neck top (thailand) + outer grey (brands outlet) + necklaces (hong kong) + tapered jeans (topshop) + golden pointed shoes (vincci...

바나나맛 우유 (banana milk)

today's drink at tea time.

3sixteen clothing 3sixteen Fall 2009 Photoshoot from 3sixteen on Vimeo .


[source] yum.

red eye

image credit: and over the week day. i finally bought some red eyeshadow and eye primer. thanks to the makeup...

tommy ton -freeze frame

[source] really enjoyed this round. here's my favourite six!

dakota fanning.

[source] the strong eyebrow really gave her the edgyness and that hint of "maturity". she is one classy beauty in the making.

McQ's entire collection

[source] McQ's collection in one (two) post. You'll enjoy it. Click the source!

5things: atm.

1) autumn concerto - the 1st time i ever enjoyed taiwanese drama. and because of CNY!!! the last episode which was supposed to air this week...

tiger year with tiger eyes!

Pretty girl with great skills! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!

Leica China.

[source] nods.

2ne1 for Corby F!

it's no wonder things sells in korea!! 22222NE1111!!!!

Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

[source] this is A VERY NICE collection.

Lee Alexander McQueen.

its' like having a story read to you, and the person leaves you halfway and never comes back to continue. you shouldn't have left t...

song of the day: Serengeti & Yozoh

see from 4:18 onwards! or if you wanna cut it shorter- just watch from 7:57 yozoh is so pretty!


Takuya Kimura for GATSBY

you and me put the 'you' and 'me' in 'you and me'.

a video came in the mail for me this valentine.

skinny panda hug.

hop, bunny- hop.


km rii - black rhino wallet.

[source] i have been finding for a wallet for a decent amount of time and today i finally found it! BUT i can't afford it :( which is s...

Kim Yuna

yes, there was one point while growing up.... i wanted to be a figure skater. bts

Elva Hsiao

[source] tooo hot! :)

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