me today: afternoon tea.

i was just about to position myself on the couch for an afternoon nap when a call came in and a catchup sounded like a sweeter alternative. ...

me today: sofa.

a new sofa at home does make a home all cozy again and the Idol's Finale was SUPERB! TLC, TOM JONES, TONY BENNETT, BEYONCE -meow!

virtual outfit: drop ears.

i'm beginning to accept the fact that my fascination for drop earrings are storming back into my veins after a long hiatus. i find it a ...

me today: Maybelline and Teresa.

headed to the city for Maybelline's new Hyper Sharp Liner which i'm totally in love with! (more soon) got home and hea...

me today: being gif-ted a home.

... and it's true that Rome Home wasn't build in a day. Today, the lesson ended for another lesson to begin. cheers to the learning...

virtual outfit: escargots.

i want to go to fancy dinners. dress up and eat escargots, with a laughing table and some loud jazzy band and go for opera after that. escar...

virtual outfit: field monday.

field monday. by theheyheyhey featuring blue sapphire rings

song of the day: late morning- Mate

Instagram: ayak0

ayak0 is one of my favorite.

picture mood today: orange sky.

i love those rear evenings when the sky is completely orange. on another note, the thought of longer daytime- like being in Oslo atm (it onl...

picture mood today: boat shoes.

[source] i am still looking real hard for a pair of boat shoes. i hope to find it when i get to HK. nonetheless, this is dangggg cool.

me today: cheers to a decade!

what better way to see another decade together- by hitting the refresh button. time to renew- friendship! :)

mv of the day: Lonely-2ne1

gimme their hair!! particularly, CL's!!

me today: uniqlo x hanger mag.

neck down. neck down. i do adore uniqlo ALOT!  BTS.

me today: brunch

haven't been able to spend more time on food lately. this was brunch.

me today: growing out.

slowly......... but surely.

virtual outfit: crush me some ice.

it's so hot that my hair condition is warm when i took a shower at 3am. please rain, please rain.

picture mood today: Le Love.

Isaiah 43 (The Message)

"Because I am God, your personal God, ... That's how much I love you! I'd sell off the whole world to get you back, trade th...

virtual outfit: sat activity.

looks like i'm gonna be on a look out for flare pants. sat activity by theheyheyhey featuring flat leather sandals

me today: nailing it.

I've exceeded my nail color quota. I am not buying anymore nail colors till next year- self banned. these babies are from the previous H...

SHOP UPDATES: maxi skirts.

so, i restocked on this skirt just because i personally love it alot. and well, from next week onwards, it's gonna be skirts for as lon...

virtual outfit: down to earth.

*beepbeep* bump into who? down to earth. by theheyheyhey featuring shell jewelry

me today: (3 in) One meal

I was up and out and around running errands and got so hungry and only managed to eat my breakfast and lunch at 5.30pm when I finally decide...

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