me today: Jessica Malaysia.

Jessica Malaysia was launched today! Good to be out with my sister on a Friday night again! it has been awhile now, all dressed up and a...

movie of the day: The King's Speech

Just watched it! totally deserving the Academy awarded! Based on an incredible true story! :) go watch!

me today: random observation.

... led to a title conversation with God.

tutorial: beach wrap!

great video, watch it if you are hitting the beach anytime soon! i sure need a vacation now and a big square scarf! :)

me today: kimbab night.

bought the ingredients a week back and only got around it today. And this roll was probably the only presentable roll. haha

i wore: leopard week.

it was a leopard week, i do has a lot of leopard printz that is boomz in my closet. ㅋㅋ i was wearing a nice leopard leggings to the hospital...

picture mood today: in blue sea.

[source] going back to "swimming" makes me happy and i'm happy to know that i actually like doing something- (when peo...

i wore: sunday, monday.

i bought this top almost a year ago. i packed it to korea but never manage to wear it. i recently brought it to hong kong and didn't ma...

movie of the day: The Legend of 1900 (1998)

One of my friend posted the poster of "The Legend of 1900" on fb. Intrigued by it, i youtube and found the trailer to be just as ...

bloom conference.

*click to enlarge! An upcoming event, not to be missed! Check out the YouTube videos below: Bloom Conference – Highlights video (2010)...

me today: baby shower.

it was a beautiful day! for tea, we had a baby shower for ainah who is due any time after next week! Since both of them (pare...

me today: Ampang Korean Mart

Ampang Korean Mart sells the best "homemade" kimchi. so consistent, over the years!

day 2: guangzhou.

The one thing i look forward to in Guangzhou is LUNCH! Every time when we are in town, without fail, we&...

day 1: KL-HK-GZ

was out from the house at 7am, got on to the plane, hop on a train in hong kong to another train and headed to guangzh...

song of the day: Daft Punk - Somethin about us Ft Van Solo

vlog: HKGZ

i got lazy occupied. WORK started to pile up and i reckon if i didn't try to finish chopping the clips together, tonight! i would neve...

me today: at sea.

although some days could be terribly lonely, working alone. i was reminded about the perks this afternoon- of heading to sea, randomly when ...

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