#grocery day: korean mart.

manage to stock up on the korean food section yesterday. also brought home some kimchi, daikon kimchi 깍두기 and ice cream! jinro soju was havi...

customizing kicks and beats.

oh man! for the past 24hours, i was trying to hook up with my friend in the States to get me some Nike shoes. BUT now, due to time and circu...

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe

i have been thinking about the meal (ive been craving the longest) i had last year but i couldnt remember the name of the cafe BUT just mome...

good looking family


#grocery day- drink

[image:google] shopping list: -orangina -water -lemons

park hyo shin.

this photo book has been out awhile ago and i dont think he is so much of a poser pic material but i am a sucker for photo books and he defi...

girl walks, guy waits.

when i first saw these pictures, i really wondered what was going through their minds. cause it does feel like alot was going thru and with ...

a level of its own.

sometimes, we wish for the good old days. sometimes we wish we had things we never did. sometimes its hard to comprehand the present state o...

no "e" in their univers.

chi is having an exhibition, soon. (so proud of him) doing all the stuff he does best. [thebestartshowintheunivers]

DURAS ambient

I dig the leggings. [source]


there's always a sense of calmness, a state of ease whenever i stumble upon a nice picture of buildings or "compartments" of a...

Utada Hikaru x Shiina Ringo

Both amazing singers. Here's a duet on "I won't last a day without you". and the following are songs which i personally re...

Burberry days.

i dont know why but it does feel like something romantic can only happen while donning it. you have not dreamt the sweetest dream till you a...

ride a bike day.

feels like a great day to have a bike ride and a cup of bubble tea. (image: google)

H&M Shibuya + opening party

[view more pic here: tokyo dandy ] [photo credit: yulia ] [paper bag credit: tokyofashion ]

my other bag is...


"rain fall from concrete colored sky."


jung ryeo won 정려원 style.

I just love Jung Ryeo Won's style. Her lanky albeit skinny body is just perfect to wear almost anything, and with a face and attitude to...

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