NARS #GINA (orange undertone) I accidentally dropped my (still 3/4 filled) blusher onto a wet floor and it broke to pieces and me...

Vertigo, Banyan Tree Bangkok.

When travelling...perspective changes. Of needs and wants, longings and expectations to understanding deeper of what this is ...

random days.

happy father's day.

it's totally funny and true! thank God for credit dads :)

departure sea.

    another abrupt departure. i sure miss you whenever i think about you. today, all is at sea . i shall see you, again. ...

song of the day: Jon Thurlow - Jesus You're Beautiful

help me always remember. REMEMBER.

warehouse weeks!

Last month, I got to spend some time being fitted in Warehouse for their media event and also assisting Sueann, who was the ...

virtual outfit: sunny tea bag

Such a nice weather to ride a bike and get some tea! isn't it?

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