movie of the day: 初恋红豆冰 / Ice Kacang Puppy Love

what i love about "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" is the cinematography and the good morning towels and of course the humour in it! i mus...

me today: working.

setting myself a deadline to finish everything before the sun comes out! yes i can!!!!

south park x jcdc

i got so excited when i saw this link- JC/DC . I LOVE SOUTH PARK!!! :D and i can totally imagine wearing em' all week!


[source] looking at this is making me so excited to see more!! ahh!! Jeremy Scott you are SUPER JJANG!

song of the day: Help- The Beatles

i usually love my own space of doing nothing. being restless on a Saturday seems to be a blissful thought an activity i look forward to. whe...

detail shots at Perth Fashion Festival.

it was fun time for me- people watching at fashion shows are a great bonus. sadly, they disappear as swift as the wind when the show ends...

Mark Shaw


virtual outfit: layering.

i'm virtually enjoying my outfit. that pants is sooo comfortable looking right now. i hope you are sharing my joy, too!

shades for sight.

these 5 will do for now. shades for sight. by theheyheyhey featuring karen walker sunglasses

song of the day: 내가 되었으면- no reply

the tune and how things start and end , can be quite predictable. but maybe because of that, I've grown to love it and anticipate it mor...

me today: lantern festival.

before i left for Perth, my sis got me my doraemon lantern! didn't know if there was anything happening at my grandparents till yesterd...

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