me today: me time

An afternoon tea for one. Sorting out the routine and finding the serenity in taking time... to be with, me.

vlog: country road.

a peak around the island of Cheong San. total relaxation! excuse the choppy edit, i wanted to record my entire journey but i somehow fo...

watery makeup!

so tempted to buy em' all! >.<


it's been a couple of days since I got back from Korea and before i could blog in full swing... i need to put the  shop  back in ...


Collaborations are always welcome here at THHH. Reviews + Giveaways | Sponsorship + Products. Do email your thoughts/press kits to thehe...

Not all who wonders are lost.

Just yesterday while i was in the car, i remembered to remember what date it is. I came here not too long ago with the ...

country road

Greetings from South Korea~ It's my first summer here and I'm currently in an island called, Cheong San. S...

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