album of the moment: tanya chua.

it was after i listen to Jam (蕭敬騰) cover on "Ji Nian" that i was reminded of Tanya's original version i listened to years back. And so it seems that this song has the mood for what i am currently feeling.

If you would like to try on a chinese (And some english songs) album today,
this would be a nice fit.
Tanya Chua- “My Space” album.

01 越來越不懂 (Yue Lai Yue Bu Dong)
02 達爾文 (Da Er Wen)
03 Blower’s Daughter
04 Change The World
05 空白格 (Kong Bai Ge)
06 記念 (Ji Nian)
07 思念 (Tanya全新創作首度公開演唱版) (Si Nian)
08 呼吸 (Hu Xi)
09 Is It Over Now (”手”DEMO/原唱:莫文蔚)
10 依賴(DEMO/原唱:陶晶瑩) (Yi Lai)
11 對愛渴望(DEMO/原唱:楊宗緯) (Dui Ai Ke Wang)

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