Stephen Wiltshire


I love paintings and drawings and if i could, I would love to open a gallery in the not so far future- A loft style gallery back in a secluded lane with the aroma of crispy roasted coffee beans filling the air~
It will showcase a collection of the many paintings (of which I hope to own) I've fallen in love with along the years and of course get some friends along and have their favorites up as well! That's will be grand wouldn't it?

Just now, as i was "channel clicking"- a news station was introducing Stephen Wiltshire an artist that was diagnosed with autism since he was three.
He is really detailed in his drawing and could draw an accurate* sight of structures and city streets with a brief look at it.

He was in Sydney recently to showcase his works for Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) to mark Autism month. (i totally wish i was there!!)

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