in Korea.

its the last leg of my South Korea trip...
man, it has been SO GOOD!!!
the "tour" started with 23 of us, and now its down to only 8.
we are all heading to the beach house tomorrow, to have bbq and to gaze upon a great ocean sight.
earlier on, i got to experienced snow for the very first time in Autumn!
kimchi daily is awesome,
kimbab for breakfast is awesome,
listening to "konglish" is soo funny and cute at the same time.
nothing at all to complain,
only that i can't get to buy much or any clothes!! argh, why don't we have 4 seasons?

i was jokingly telling about how i'll go back home and experienced "culture shock".
the new friends i met the entire week were such gentlemen and they really take initiative to make sure you are comfortable, not lost in the streets and very much like the dramas. (no kidding~!)

so they are really ALIVE i tell you! ahahaha ㅋㅋㅋ

well, there's only two ways to stay in South Korea.
you have USD5 Million or you marry a local.

see you soon.


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