virtual outfit: wonderer.

i'm not bag packer material but like them,
i'm wondering.
i'm not sure if i've been putting off thinking about things i should have.
nonetheless, i am acknowledging that i'm in a phase and i plan to get out of it FAST.
i'm no fan of wondering, at least not at this particular thing.
as much as i am feeling all grey and black today,
spiraling down further is only gonna set me back further from acing this test.

i'm not gonna have a watch,
not going to look at the time,
going to mute the comments,tensions and stressing words i'm surrounded with and
cling on till i'm out walking through this with You.

Indeed! No eye has seen, no ears have heard, no mind has conceived, the things You've prepared for me.
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

Can't wait for spring. i can't wait for spring.


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