ABSOLUT Vodka X Hanger.

a draft:

preview of the final artwork:

So, just last week i received an email asking if I was game to produce an illustration for the upcoming Hanger Magazine.

it's been awhile since i remember illustrating something... (minus the times i doodle on napkins).
the first thing that came to mind when i read the brief was- the Absolut Vodka bottle shape as the hair! I'm obsessed with hair (as some might know) I try to change it every time and dye it as frequent as my conscience would allow.

So that's where i started, the hair.
Adding "fashion element" wasn't as easy as i thought it would! I couldn't narrow down a particular thing that some what represented this figure i'm illustrating.
I did a couple of drafts for the body and got hold of some feedback and ta-da! I added in legs which i did contemplate at the start but didn't quite decide till the end! -which now i'm glad i did.

I drew in my wishlist bag- Givenchy Nightingale, leopard print, sheer top, pom poms and two shoes to personify everything i'm currently into. ㅋㅋ

Watch out for the final artwork in Hanger!
I'm quite excited myself! I do hope the colors are accurate! ^^

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