Face Factors Clinic “Lymphatic Drainage Massage”

Earlier this month, I had an invitation to review one of the services provided by Face Factors and after looking at the line-up, I went for their famous "Lymphatic Drainage Massage" which is dubbed the "All-In-One-Massage".
The massage takes 2 hours with two therapist allocated for you at every session. It's an oily affair with 7 or more aromatic essential oils from Switzerland being used throughout the treatment.

Since this it's a "contouring" massage and not a "relaxing" massage, do be prepared for some painful moments but that's the only way to flushing out toxins, waste, dead blood cells and excessive fluid from your body.

No pain, no gain and all worth the ouchhh at the end of the session.

It starts with a body scrub and continues for the next 1.5 hours- a technical massage that helps stimulate the body's function. (For those who are unaware, a well functioning lymphatic system builds the immune system and keeps one healthy)

A cellulite buster move is also built into this treatment that involves slow strokes in the massage and this is the ultimate painful part! (if you haven't been busting them often).

Once the 1.5hours of massage is completed! A plant extract is applied all over your body and you'll be wrapped like a meat ready for marinating in clear wrap before an electric thermo blanket is placed over your body.
By this time, it's probably very easy to fall asleep but you'll definitely know when the 30mins are up because the heat will just take over and you can feel as if you are that turkey in the oven with oil/juices running all over the pan from your skin and the therapist will come in and ask if you are okay and proceed to un-wrapping you.
*This is the last step in completing the lymphatic drainage by flushing out toxins through perspiration, after which you will feel as light as a feather!

If you are looking for a massage treatment that will help bust your fats, define your silhouette and most importantly flush out the body toxic- you should definitely consider booking a session with the skillful people from Face Factors!

For more information, contact Face Factors Clinic at + (603) 6205 3508
or drop by the clinic at D3-G4-2 Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

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