utsav indian buffet.

Today, we went for a buffet lunch in Utsav / 웃사브
The interior of this place is a mix between Aladdin, Shakespeare and a french cafe.
It's almost always a waiting line during lunch time- probably because of the price 9,900 won for the buffet.

The curries were mild in the spicy sense (some were just borderline, bland) and it could have more kick in to it but whatever it is- the NAAN is KING!
The dough is perfect and the curries were just there, to fill in that extra space on the plate.

They also served lassi and firni!

While chomping down on the naans, we were already talking about our next free flow fresh, out-of-the-oven-hot naan visit!

Anyways, the cooks were all indian and again, the curries could have more ouuummppphh.

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