chicken soup days!

Korea has many celebrated days- like the 100days, white day, black day, pepero day and so on...
I'm gonna talk write about the 삼예탕 samgyetang / ginseng chicken day!
There're 3 separate days to commemorate the hottest days in Korea!- one at the beginning, mid and the end of the supposedly hottest day(s) of the year.

Today marks the mid samgyetang day for you to have the hot samgyetang and sweat it out to feel "cooler" after. (they say)

The last day is on August 12 and yes! it's even printed on the yearly calender.
imma let you go get ready for the finale! and if you don't know where to get it, this place (토속촌삼계탕) is said to serve up THE best samgyetang!

*or you can head to D-cube at Sindorim and have it at their basement Korean restaurant! it's pretty good too!

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