Hannam: D.QUEENS/디퀸즈

The Malaysian Embassy in Seoul is situated at a quaint neighbourhood called "Hannam-dong" and for the past 3 times I've been there (to settle marriage paperworks) I always do brunch at Pancakes Original Story- I wouldn't say that they are the best but they are taste consistent with their waffle and pancakes.

For the final embassy lap, I decided that I should try one of the many fancier brunch outlets Hannam has to offer... I had my eyes on 3 cafes and scaled to this because it was clearly the latest kid on the block.
It's a bakery cum cafe/restaurant that serves hand drip coffee along with their all day brunch menu.
DQueens' array of cakes and breads are really picture worthy but I was quite intimidated that day (being alone) to snap gazillion shots of the basket full of huge meringue and fat cakes while the cashier stood and stared.
So, while this place still promises my second visit-  I will undoubtedly skip their French Toast.
...Just because I haven't found any french toast to be comparable to the ones I had in Le Brunchic...now you know ;)

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