Legit Pancakes.

Probably a month back, I stumbled across some lovely Singaporeans that came all the way to this island for sight seeing because they saw it on Korean dramas.
I say this because it's not the most easiest to get here and you'll be surprised that some Korean's don't even know this place even existed.
It's real how influential k dramas can be (just look at me!) hah, I rest assure you that all the fluff I once thought and hold dear from the dramas are now a dusty past.
Reality kinda bites and no where really is greener than the other.

Although with that said, if you ever find yourself in Cheongsan Island...THIS is probably the only legit place to have a satisfying korean seafood pancake with the addition of a great view!
I do suggest you make plans and come on the weekdays when it's less crowded isolated and feel the warmth of mother nature at it's best!
It's a beautiful place.

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