How to: Hoddeok/호떡 premix

Although it's quite a straight forward premix- it honestly took me a few boxes throughout the years to master it effortlessly.

*A general sized paper cup = perfect measurements*
1) Pour 1/3 cup of hot water into a bowl.
2) Put in the yeast (red packet) and stir.
3) Add flour and proceed filling in 2/3 cup of room temperature water into the bowl and mix.
*add water if the batter is too dry*
4) Wrap the bowl with foil and let it sit ideally for 30-40mins.
*it will double in size*
5) Oil your hands generously before dealing with the batter.
6) Create a weld and fill in the cinnamon powder.
7) Heat the pan with a good amount of oil.
*Using a hoddeok "tool" to flatten the dough would make frying it a whole lot easier!

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