Human Behavior

The past couple of weeks have seen new kind of highs and lows of loneliness, regrets, expectations and frustrations. It hasn't been easy but nothing unbearable, we all go through different challenges... just lately- it got me to a point in which I really don't know.

I miss having friends and family close enough that I can drive for a meal, a chat...some comfort. I've been updating my life with those I love from a screen, most times it's enough to get me through life but all these dreams I get at night are perhaps reminders that we are running out of time.

Then again, the grass is greener on the other side, till you get there and poof! you forget but the question is that I don't know if being here or there makes any difference to them or me at all?

I think of many things but the need of it all- the cause, the answer, I wish I know how to control my raging longings and maneuver through the daily absurdness of human behavior none of us have control over.

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