Out in the Sun(day).

Next week this time, i'll be probably be in my shorts and hanging out on the marble dining table at my grandma's house drinking thick kopi-o and having pisang goreng while being in a food coma siesta- sleep eating.

..But right now, we are here hustling for the upcoming Samgyetang day(s).
Korea has lots of eventful days and the one coming up is the Ginseng Chicken Soup eating days. I'll elaborate with pictures in my next post.

So, here we are on our only no-work-all-day-date-day, Sunday.
We'll head to church and hang out at places with cakes or strong coffee. Cafes are aplenty in Seoul and instagram has been a source for where the good looking cafes are! But of course you get the picture looks better/taste better days but I'm happy with the cake here in Onne Sait Jamais.

Would have ordered like 4 pieces to eat if John had a sweet tooth but one have to learn to be content with a slice, salted caramel slice to be exact.
They bake their delectable french pastries in house and although the seating arrangement can be awkward like having someone's feet on your hip while you eat kind of awkward...this layout was the one that captured my attention initially. Like it was pretty, when it's empty (like the instagram picture I saw -___-'').

So yea, if you are planning on Itaewon- the area towards the Hangangin station has been my favorite and lately it has been getting a lot more interesting with small brands opening up with clever interior and exterior designs that are photo walk worthy.

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