Drinks for the fickle-minded.

Well hello October! This time 2 years ago, I had my closest friends in my arms as we roamed the city, laughed in the palace and stressed for the wedding.
Fast forward, here I am seating in our 1 year old office, married and reminiscing of when I was a tad lighter in weight and age.

So, this is the neighborhood where our Abalone store is located and this cafe is the latest in the block! It's called Mini Park - tiny space as the name suggest but the sunlight sure shines through their window and onto their herringbone marble tiled floor. Light envy much too much.

The latest cafe "trend" is the half/half coffee called "Amelatte" short for Americano and Latte. Best of both worlds in "a cup" (although it's priced like 2 cups) but oh well, some days you want half of this and half of that and this is simply brilliant!

I'll be celebrating my last twenty-something birthday this month... I never thought I'll be getting all worked up with the thought of not achieving stuff I thought I would in my twenties. Will I ever get to achieving those stuff? I shall live another day to find out ey?

I was at home watching a documentary on Bill Cunningham (i wanted to watch this since 2010 but finally it was available in Korea this year)... I remember reading about him when I was in fashion school and I wrote a blog post about how he is inspiring me.

Watching the documentary now and seeing how he goes about his work and the views he had in life/work are such timely reminders on how humbleness, hard work and passion can carry you through life; the satisfaction vs. the money.

You should watch it if you haven't.
Till next time! Thank you for dropping by :)

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