Sisterfields, Bali.

This was our brunch- 3 girls, 3 milkshakes (note: salted caramel milkshake YAS) and all the above! 
You know, I never had polenta fries till that faithful morning and man!! where have you been all my life?! 
Better late than never I supposed, but yes, it was so GOOD YAS!

Walking into Sisterfields reminds me of Melbourne and their bustling cafe scene (food and atmosphere)- it's a good place to eat if you are craving for an all day Aussie-style menu like avocado toast, acai berry bowls and pulled pork to name a few.

We ordered the Avocado toast with 3 poached eggs, Shaksuka (eggplant salsa dish), Halloumi (grilled cheese), pancakes, polenta fries and spinach with 3 milkshakes (vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel).
They were all thick, milky and fantastic but if you can only pick one, do order the salted caramel because it's extra legit!

Also, if you are planning on ordering the pancakes, do keep in mind that it comes with a scope of sorbet at the side. 
Hence, if you are not going to eat it right away- best to order after you are done with your savory dishes or see it melt away into a pool of sauce.

Even with the continuous crowd, the food wait isn't long and it sure was such a satisfying meal
compared to what we had the day before (in an equally popular spot in Bali).

There's only one Sisterfields in Bali and the easiest way to get there (or anywhere) is via Grab/Uber as the local taxi we encountered drove way too slow and it ran up the meter 2x more than what Grab/Uber charges.

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