Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask Review

I've been a user of Laneige products for the longest time and it's the only brand that has been in my skincare rotation regardless if it is the eye cream or the basics like facial foam- something from them stays on my routine because it has been working so well on my dry skin.

This two tone sheet mask is the latest mask from them and they are so clever marketing them as a duo mask (colored too!!) that targets the upper and lower areas with two solutions (packaging win!) These burst of colors do add a spark of excitement because let's be honest, putting on mask can be dull at times yea?

They have various combinations like moisturizing and lifting to clearing and nourishing.
The sheets are pretty thin and hard to flatten out on its own- hence, it's important to use the netting together to better place the sheets on your face!

The sheets are really soaked with products and it doesn't leave any sticky feeling after removing the mask.
So, if you have been a Laneige user- you'll definitely enjoy this too!

Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask is currently on promotion and retailing for 2,800won per sheet online (RRP: 3,500won). 
Till the next mask~^^

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