Breakfast bowl Idea.

I adore a the idea of having a grand breakfast (but waking up early for it is another thing altogether)- a good meal does set the tone for the entire day.

Today, I'll be posting about OSULLOC Green Tea Langue De Chat, which is a crispy yet soft green tea cookie with green tea cream filling. The cookies are slightly sweet to balance out the natural green tea bitterness which makes it so easy to consume and especially presentable as a gift to a fellow foodie!

We had some fresh blueberries and kiwi in the fridge and I was elated that my breakfast idea to combine the Green Tea Langue De Chat with all these parts translated well from my head to my tummy this morning! haha

You can certainly whip up a great "bowl" with anything in your pantry but if you are wondering what went into mine, recipe as follow:
-homemade coconut yogurt (I'm using EasiYo yogurt maker)
-fresh blueberries
-2 packets of OSULLOC Green Tea Langue De Chat
*I had toasted coconut flakes but totally forgotten about it, if you do have some- sprinkle it for the gram!

Click here for tried and tested OSULLOC products!

*본 제품은 오설록 서포터즈 TEA MANIA활동을 통해, 제품 및 소정의 활동비를 지급받았습니다.*

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