I've been contemplating for years if I should get my eyebrows done and I finally did!
I knew nothing about the different eyebrow methods available and just went in trusting her recommendation for microblading
as it looks more natural and I'm glad it turned out well! 
I'll be honest that the first 2 weeks had me regretting it as my eyebrows were looking pretty dark like shinchan.

I did it back in November, had my touch up done in December
and this picture was taken in January (without any eyebrow products).

The Korean lady that was doing my eyebrows has since relocated to the States
and I don't know where to go if my eyebrows completely fades off in the coming year but here's hoping that it will last a loooong enough.

If you are contemplating about getting your eyebrows done- I say do it!
It's certainly a great feeling to wake up, dash off without makeup and still look presentable!

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