Tartine Bakery, Seoul

If you are a bread lover, you might have already heard of Tartine Bakery from San Francisco. They currently have 3 locations in Seoul, with their flagship store apparently still buzzing with long lines after all these years!

Tartine Bakery in Hongdae is probably the mellowest in terms of crowd and easily accessible with subway (Line 2) and a super close walking distance from the exit.  
This cafe/bar is situated inside Ryse Hotel (one of the newest artsy hotels in the area) and it was about 10.30am when we sat down for brunch.

Food wise, there are lots of selection- from cakes to sandwiches which are yummy too!
Cakes and coffee are generally pricey in Seoul, and if you are prepared to pay...
this place would be a safe bet if you are looking for some legit snack.

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