Fresh Abalones in Seoul.

Where to get fresh abalones in Seoul?
Right here at Abalone Farmers 전복파머스 in Hapjeong-dong (walking distance from Mangwon Market too).

Background story- John's family are Abalone Farmers since the 80s and this Seoul location is our Specialty Store where you can find quality abalones and I dare say that our prices are very competitive with Noryangjin Market (most time even cheaper) as we price it the same as Wando (the hometown of abalone farms).

This is my father-in-law showing a snippet of the family farm in an interview:

If you have been wondering, this is my "day-time job" where I help out at our retail store to serve our walk-in customers and at times get to meet 3 Michelin stars ✨ chef Alvin Leung!

I didn't eat much abalones when I was in Malaysia but coming here and seeing how easily available they are (note: not in a can)-
I couldn't help but to experiment with it at home.
Abalones are not intimidating at all and they soak up flavours impeccably!
I usually like to put them in bakuteh to japanese curries because the are like "fish balls" able to absorb the sauces well! haha!

Perhaps I should share more pictures of my abalone kitchen experiments and call it "The Abalone Interpretation" TAI in short
and be known as the Tai Tai of TAI. 🤣

So yea, if you are looking for fresh aka live abalones takeout, this is the place to be!
We do sell loosely like 4-6pcs for 10,000won which you can have it with your instant noodles but usually our customers purchase em' by the kilos to bring back home.

We are open from Mon-Sat from 10am onwards, do follow our instagram for updates.

Video directions below if you are coming from Hapjeong Station.

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