stop and smell the roses.

Hello internet world,
I do feel the need to update my blog so that my future self would be able to remember the little moments of my 2019 life so far.

It's the 4th of June, Summer in Seoul and the roses are lining the street (some parts) and also drying away in the heat.
We've moved from our previous apartment because the landlord wanted to raise the rental 55% which is crazy but thankfully she did... because we have a better view now when we look out the balcony, paying a slightly less rental although the walls seems to be thinner here ㅠㅠ
Nevertheless, I'm (trying) praying to God to help me be thankful instead of complaining about the noise upstairs.

A few blinks and we are almost 2 months in this new place and I can't help to feel how soon the years will pass when the contract ends and most probably we will need to move, again.
YET again, i'm constantly asking God to help me unload the burden, the worries of tomorrows into His mighty hands...I mean, who knows what 2 years will bring ey?

I haven't take much pictures since late last year and I don't mean to sound narcissistic but as you might have's part of my creative process that truly sparks joy but hasn't been rewarding in monetary sense that I've shelved it because it has been leading to nowhere.

A part of me felt the need to be a responsible adult by not wasting time that isn't generating income yet the more I stay away from it- passion fades.

Maybe it's time to try again and succeed!

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