Going Mary (고잉메리)

We were at the lights ready to cross the road in the busy street of Jongno and saw a banner which read IPA for 3,900won!
Perfect! We were thirsty and headed in- I instantly took a big liking to the vibe and the importantly the dumplings served were good (fusion flavored).

Going Mary is like a tiny grocery store/restaurant/cafe in which you can get coffee takeout for cheap or huddle in with the girls for a tray of wine samplers and a plate of steak!
Or simple go alone- they have solo eating booths and instant noodles on the menu!

I've been there twice thrice so far and those times were good times!
Although it seems that IPA is no longer in the menu, perhaps the beverages served are seasonal?
Never mind that, the Seoul Martini, draft beer and wine samplers are still very reasonable priced for an interim bite in the city.

The location is a walk-able distance from Myeongdong or a stone throw away from Jonggak Station Line 1 : Direction Map here.

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