Roast Pig, Mangwon-dong.

Enjoy your pork bbq and have someone cook it for you!

I've been going back and forth, slightly reluctant to share my new favourite spot with you but I've noticed my old post on
5 PLACES TO HAVE SAMGYUPSAL IN SEOUL being a big search on this blog and I did not want to disappoint
your year 2020 appetite with old news.

Y'all know how the restaurant business are... sadly, with time the standards do drop and some of the places we loved
going became mediocre- which is then a sign for us to find a new place and never go back.

Roast Pig in Mangwon-dong is one of the places we have been going and for the times we have been there- the spread and taste were consistent. They serve quality Jeju black pork cuts over charcoal!

So, what's good here?
The usual pork belly or pork neck are a standard choice but you have to try their signature Jeju black pork french rack/제주흑돼지프렌치렉. YUM!

Also, if you like noodles, you should order a bowl of cold noodles to wrap that juicy sizzling meat around with.
The hot and the cold are both so intense 
Put 'em together it just makes sense!

It's a plus point when you do not need to bbq the meat yourself.
I remembered the time when I took my visiting friends out for bbq and we were all so hungry but being the host meant I was the one cooking and I was so sad I didnt get to enjoy the meal because I was trying to make sure the meat is cooked!
It happened so many years ago but the hangry feeling is still so raw in my mind!!
So yes, I rather do travel/pay a little extra for services like that!

The soju is slightly frozen here so, you'll get to enjoy the slushie-ness on your first few sips!
Jinro is back is a good soju choice.

If you like pork skin, the skin over here is THICCCCCK!
So sinful but think of it as a good source of collagen intake?

Do check out Roast Pig instagram page for their opening hours and such.
Directions: About a 3mins walk from Mangwon Station Line 6, Exit 2 (map).

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