Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking.

Long before I uprooted to Korea, I’ve been a fan of k-drama and k-food. Those days we didn’t have much options at the nearby supermarket, so I would take an hour long journey to Ampang’s K-town to shop at their Korean marts! 

They have homemade kimchi and I would buy their biggest box stock up on Korean instant noodles and also finding kimbab near the cashier was certainly bonus! I used to go on YouTube a lot to search for Korean recipes to make at home. 

I came across Maangchi’s YouTube and her recipes years back before I uprooted to Korea and her steps are very clear and precise. I used to make kimchi jeon, kimchi soup and mandu a lot! But...when I came to Korea, I didn’t need to make them anymore because they are readily available! 

This social distancing season reminded me of my love for Korean cooking and I decided since I’m in Korea and I’ve access to ALL the ingredients, I really should to start cooking K-food more! 

If you are looking for a Korean cook book, I do recommend the latest Maangchi book “Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking”! I ordered via bookdepository (free worldwide shipping). The book talks about the different Korean ingredients, vegetables and with the step by step images, it makes it very clear for beginner cooks like me! 

Today I made her “Tuna Pancakes” for lunch to accompany my jjapagetti and it was delicious! 

You can make a bigger version like a burger patty size to slide it into your sandwich! Yumzzz 

If you would like to view some videos of me making the Tuna Pancakes, click here!

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