Places for Gimbab in Seoul.

After staying in Seoul for years, I got really picky with gimbab taste and
it doesn't help when mediocre rolls are costing so much more these days!
My personal liking would be 90% ingredients, 10% rice ratio which is quite the trend with newer places
and it is what you can get at this store- Selermari.

Their flavours are modern compared to the traditional rolls, and if you love mushrooms,
you should try their mushrooms gimbab which has a smokey aroma as well.
They have a small menu but the selections are overall great to try
and if you are into pesto- their cold udon pesto is quite refreshing!

Over the years, one of the consistent gimbab place I still frequent is Yeonhui Gimbab
for its spicy squid mini roll! MUST TRY if you are a spicy squid fan!

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