Where to go for bagels in Seoul.

I've been on a hunt for bagels in Seoul ever since Queens Bagel closed down and never to be seen again...ㅠㅠ

If you are following my instagram, you might noticed how frequent i've been purchasing bagels and today there 2 mentionable places that I think you might enjoy too!

Everything Bagel is where you go for bagels and cream cheese.
The super cute rainbow bagel is only available on the Saturdays but their weekday options are worth the trip too!
My personal favourites are the pretzel bagel, onion bagel and also the cinnamon raisin!
They have bagel sandwiches too if you are wanting something extra. Yes, yum.

The next place which offers a softer side of bagel is...Kokkili Bagel.
Soft chewy bread like texture bagels are served here with lots of flavor options and be ready to wait in a queue early in the mornings.
Their bagels/bread are so easy on your jaws...it's possible to finish up 3 bagels in a sitting!
A few doors from their main store is their sandwich stores that serves only sandwiches, I tried their "dirty pork" and the amount of meat was generous and the flavours are great!
It's not a convenient area to park your car, so it's best to do a takeout.

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