My one and only father in law.

My father in law passed away this morning.
It was sudden yet not so...
he was battling cancer and fought so hard for so many years.

One can never be prepared for a goodbye but despite the sadness, 
I’m glad he got to meet Lily- his long awaited grandchild.

We celebrated the Lunar New Year and his 70th birthday last week... 
I hoped he enjoyed having all of us there even though it was hard for him to walk, sit, eat and breathe unassisted.

He was a man of few words and he had such strong will to live that he travelled by car and speedtrain every other week for his chemotherapies over the years... but I supposed, this morning, the pain got too intense that he found it hard and future too bleak to carry on.

It’s unfortunate for us but more so Lily to grow up not getting to know her 할아버지.
I am sure he would have spoiled her rotten.

If you are reading this, please pray for the familee.
I'm lost for words.

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